Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adobe CS4 Bridge Extensions

Adobe engineer, David Franzen has released a few new scripts that Bridge CS4 users might find useful.

* Bridge Export to JPEG Extension allows you to create JPEG files quickly using the cached previews and thumbnails already in Bridge’s cache. This is a major update to the script Franzen made available for CS3, and includes options for image sizing and naming, metadata options based on the new options in Save for Web, and the ability to save all of these as presets.

* Bridge E-Mailer Extension allows you to E-mail files directly from Bridge (using a Mac desktop E-mail client, or by sending directly to your ISP’s POP or SMTP E-Mail server).

* Preview Latest File Extension enables an "auto preview" mode in a Bridge window that selects the latest file in the folder which should be very useful for photographers that are interested in tethered shooting.

In addition, all the extensions now use the Extension Manger for install, so they should be easier to install and uninstall since you no longer need to locate the correct install folder.

The scripts can be found at The Adobe Exchange

Monday, October 20, 2008

Multilingual Contextual Keywording

Karsten Risseeuw, of Kursiv has posted a screencast of the presentation he made at the recent MILE (Metadata Image Library Exploitation) seminar titled "Multilingual Contextual Keywording."

Kursiv uses this multilingual approach in the development of their keywording software "KIM Keywording" and Risseeuw gives some insights into how one can use their software to apply keyword tags in multiple languages at one time.